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Address: 22 Mckee St, Pukete, Hamilton, 3200
PO BOX 10545, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3241

Cutting and Shaping Steel with Expert Quality


Steel is an important structural material, it is widely used in building infrastructure, agriculture and engineering fabrication industries.

It is important material is carefully managed, because improper fits can set construction back and affect the quality of the project.
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plasma cutting in South Auckland
You will find our Kinetic K3000XMC Plasma Cutting Machine is extremely efficient for cutting different types of metals.

The sheer speed and accuracy of our machine will ensure that your profiling needs are met rapidly.

Profiling Ltd have complete confidence that we will deliver an end product that exactly measures up to the requirements of your design.

High quality plate cutting technology available

The Kinetic K3000XMC Plasma Cutting System - electronically programmable heavy metal combination plasma/flame cutting and drilling system enabling many of our components to be precision finished in-house with one set-up, eliminating the need for jigging and other cumbersome manual procedures. This represents another step in our commitment to utilize the most productive manufacturing technology available in order to better serve our clients.

The Kinetic K3000XMC will enable us to achieve more precise machining in far less time, all under our own quality control, resulting in significantly increased productivity and improved delivery time. 
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Almost all sizes to suit every need

Profiling Limited have been offering our services to Hamilton for many years, with services to suit almost any size or shape you require. We can find a solution to suit you with our expertise.

Send us an AutoCAD file, Hand Sketches or even bring a cardboard template to our home address in Mckee Street, Hamilton and we can construct the perfect steel you need.

Feel free to email us on as well. 
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